Sand - The Fall of Khalidjarit

by Kortofertos

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This is a short story about a wondrous genie city that has been destroyed by an earth demon, whose lair, by ironic coincidence, laid under their land.


Mighty genie in the desert land
Raised a palace to the sun
Floating buildings touch the sky
With waterfalls
Home of arcane arts stands like masterpiece
In the middle
Of the endless sands

Long time ago
there was a man who found a lamp
It was not just an ordinary lamp
but magical

He opened it up and watched
The strange glowing essence
That was filled up to its edges
Suddenly burst out and
Captured his body

A new genie materialized...

Who woke me up?
Why am I awake?
My eternal rest is ruined! Nooo!
They will pay dearly for this disturbance!
Now I shall avenge

Khalitjarit city of the past
Now it’s razed under the sands
Ancient demon of the earth
Who rose to smite
All of genie's kin have been imprisoned
In a single
Shiny little lamp

Decades have passed and the world has changed
The desert has buried the rests of the glorious city
Not a tiny bit remained
Once green and fertile land became barren
By the genie’s careless act
After which it changed to crater
Facing demon from the past


released June 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Kortofertos Kiev, Ukraine

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