The Frozen Book

by Kortofertos

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This time you'll be sent into a cruel cold world, where death - is a game, and life - just a moment in the hands of skilful cleric. You will be an exciting journey to the land of eternal winter with its mysteries.
New stories, colourful illustrations and energetic fantasy metal will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions.


released November 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Kortofertos Kiev, Ukraine

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Track Name: Empire of Death - Terra de Morte
Empire of Death

I’m lost and I’m left behind
The mist is crawling and it makes me blind
Oh time is running out and I can feel it clear
There is no more place to hide myself around here
Elfs and Myrmidons surrounded me for sure
Here I’m between the anvil and the hammer

Empire of death
Frozen desecrated land of the dead
Empire of death
Desolated place of dark magic arts

Mindless zombies roam the ground like endless mare
With skeletons being at hand as well
The necromancers seized this gloomy land
Terrifying with their magic and phantasmas
Army for a long forgotten elven race
Waiting to release its anger on the living

Empire of death
Lifeless bodies roaming in empty rage
Empire of death
Snowy fields are overrun with the dead

I’ve got free and I’m now by myself alone here
Seeking guidance to escape this wretched continent

The undead army walks alone this night
And gives me little chance to sneak around
Oh I’m still hiding from enormous aberrants
Cutting flesh and breaking through the countless masses
Drow are counting on me and I must survive
Run and hide your life as long as you can take it

Empire of death
Hollow nightmares send to shackle my soul
Empire of death
Stand your ground or be absorbed by horde